Saggittarius Crystal Box

Saggittarius Crystal Box

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Unlock the power of the stars with our Personalized Zodiac Crystal Sets!

Each set is a cosmic collection, featuring:

  • Six Curated Stones: Carefully selected for each zodiac sign by our astrology specialists.
  • Detailed Description Card: Explains the properties of each gemstone.
  • Unique and Thoughtful Gift: Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because!

Why You'll Adore It:

  • Personalized Power: Tailored to the unique traits of each zodiac sign.
  • Educational:  Discover the properties of various gemstones and their connection to your horoscope.
  • Beautifully Packaged: Comes in an approx. 5" x 4" box, with stones up to 1.125" x 1.5".
  • Sagittarius: Orange Calcite, Pink Tourmaline, Sodalite, Smoky Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Amethyst